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Does a person with severe keratoconus qualify to receive disability?

A disability examiner (I am a former examiner) would look at the case in two ways. The first would be to see if the medical evidence supports an approval via satisyfing a listing, i.e. meeting or equaling a relevant listing for a specific condition.

In this case, the examiner would check section two in the blue book (special senses and speech). Under that section of the listings (aka social security list of impairments), the examiner would look to see if your visual limitations satisfy the criteria for loss of visual acuity, loss of visual efficiency, or contraction of visual field of view.

From my experience as a disability examiner, visual cases presented a problem in that few disability examiners felt competent enough to interpret the evidence. Also, it was sometimes difficult a hunt to find a medical expert within DDS who had the proper background for dissecting this type of medical evidence.

That said, satisfying a visual impairment can be difficult. However, being determined disabled occurs in two different ways. The first is via a listing as we stated. The second is by achieving a medical vocational allowance and the following page discusses this.

How will Social Security Determine if you get Disability Benefits?

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