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Social Security Disability SSI and Chronic Pain

Currently, I'm reading a book about headaches and migraines and the sections regarding pain response and "referred pain" are pretty interesting.

What's also interesting is the phenomenon in which a person who has been subjected to pain for long periods can:

1. become even more sensitive to experiencing pain and

2. can unknowingly adopt physical and psychological patterns that exacerbate and perpetuate the pain.

Of course, pain is subjective and this is why social security disability and SSI claimants who have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, back conditions ("mild" degenerative changes can cause excruciating pain) and migraines, just to name a few conditions, have trouble with the disability evaluation system.

It's hard to get someone else to understand your complaints of pain simply because they cannot feel your pain. And this applies several times over to doctors who, in the absence of definable causes and explanations for symptoms, are often dismissive of a patient's complaints.

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