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Should I be worried about my SSDI Continuing Disability Review?

"Recently I was called up for a review. I'm curious how they work and I've read that SSDI hires private investigators who get bonuses for helping them get people off SSDI."

All disability cases come up for periodic reviews that generally occur about every three years, although there are some disability beneficiaries who receive seven year review diaries (individuals with impairments that are considered to be severe and permanent).


1. How does the Social Security Disability Review work?
2. Will my disability case be reviewed after I have been approved for disability benefits?
3. Are SSDI and SSI Benefits Normally Continued After A Continuing Disability Review?
4. What will trigger a review of a social security disability claim?

Regarding the police and private investigators, I can tell you from my experience with Social Security that they absolutely do not hire private investigators to spy on disability claimants and they would never pay bonuses for this kind of thing.

Social Security only investigates reports of fraud, and these reports generally come from disgruntled friends, spouses, ex-spouses, family members, or neighbors. Even then, Social Security calls the individual and asks them to come to their local Social Security office to give their statement as to the legitimacy of the fraud report. Most of these reports involve allegations of work activity that is "under the table" or that someone is misusing benefits that belong to someone else. Very few of these referrals ever amount to anything concrete, but those that are genuinely fraud are given to the Social Security fraud unit for further investigation.

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