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Your case may be decided quickly or take a long, so prepare for the worst

I mention on this site that you should never believe the SSA claims rep (the person who takes your application) that you will receive a decision in 120 days. Yes, it may happen in that span of time. And most of the time, it usually does. It may even happen sooner. may also happen much much later.

So, by all means, do not make any financial plans based on what your local social security field or district office tells you. Because they just don't know. And even the examiner who processes your case at whatever state agency is used by SSA to make medical determations (usually, the state agency is known as DDS, or disability determination services) won't know when he/she will be done with a particular case---until the day the case is finished.

How many social security disability or SSI claims are won at application? According to recent federal statistics (from fiscal year 2003), only about 23% of initial disability claims were won. At the first appeal step, the stats were even more dismal: only 12.3% of cases were won.

Should you get really depressed over this? Not really. As I mentioned in a prior post, at the hearing level (this is a national statistic), social security disability claimants with representation have a 63.6% chance of winning benefits (without representation, the figure drops to 40.1%).

So, if you get denied on a claim, don't give up. APPEAL. And if you get denied again, file another appeal and get your case before a judge.

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