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How do I file for my children and spouse if I am Receiving SSDI?

"I have been receiving SSDI for a few years and have just become aware that my wife and children are eligible to receive benefits and checks as well. How would i go about claiming my wife and children? Please any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you"

You should contact your local Social Security office to file for your spouse and children. If your spouse is working , she may not be entitled to any dependent benefits depending on her earnings. Additionally, your spouse's benefits would terminate when the youngest child turns 16.

However, your children are entitled if they are under the age of 18 pr 19 if they are still in high school. I am guessing that you were not married or that you had no children at the time you filed and were approved. Social Security always protects children when they take an application if they are minors. There is a very good chance your children may be able to have twelve months of retroactive benefits.

What your dependents will receive depend on your record's family maximum. If there is money left on your record after paying your monthly benefits, it will be divided between your dependents.

If there is not much left on your record, their benefits will be small; if there is nothing left they will receive no monetary benefit.; or there may be a large amount payable for your dependents. You will not know until you file for auxillary claims for your children and/or spouse (your spouse should come to the appointment as well because she would have to file her own claim).

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