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Based on my age, is there any benefit in applying for disability?

"What a great website to explain disability applications. I have a question that is not covered in your information as far as I can tell.

I will be 63 this month. I took an early retirement at age 62. I retired under the windfall elimination provision so I receive a very small check. I have developed several medical conditions and feel I would more than likely qualify, at some point, for a disability.

Based on my age and the windfall elimination provision, is there any benefit to apply for disability?


I am not sure, but I doubt it. Most civil service employees have enough credits to be insured for retirement because the threshold of forty quarters over a lifetime is easily met.

However, to be insured for disability you would have had to have five years of Social Security wages in the last ten years prior to becoming disabled. If you did not develop the medical problems until after the age of 62, again it is going to be difficult unless you have worked five out of the last ten years.

Lastly, a disability benefit may be a small amount, larger than your retirement but not much. Any retirement check you have been paid will reduce your disability amount.

The WEP provision for civil service significantly reduced both retirement and disability benefits.

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