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How long does it take to get a notice or benefits after approval at an SSI hearing?

"I had a hearing and the the judge approved me on that day. I still have not heard anything else from them. When should I receive a letter and/or a check? I had a lawyer in the trial. is there anything he can do to hurry the process? i truly need this assistance.

Thank you very much"

Unfortunately it takes time to get an administrative law judge hearing decision into pay status. Most judges do not write their own disability decisions. They send them to decision writers who then write the formal decision.

Once the decision writer completes the formal decision it is sent to the judge for an approval, then forwarded to your local Social Security office for an end-line interview (this is true for SSI disability claims only). Once your local Social Security office receives the hearing decision it is given to a claims representative who will contact you to schedule an interview.

This interview will simply be a review of your income, resources and living arrangements. If you still meet the income and resource limits of the program, your disability claim will put into pay status.

If you have not been contacted by your local office, you or your lawyer should call and ask for a status on your disability hearing approval. It could be they have been trying to reach you but are unable to reach you. Whatever the reason for the delay, a call can usually get things moving.

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