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Getting disability from Social Security if you already get short term disability

Can I be approved for SSDI if I am receiving Short Term Disability?

STD would not negatively affect a claim for SSDI in terms of a medical decision. Short-term disability, regardless of from where and what source you are receiving it, would have no bearing on a Social Security Disability claim in terms of medical eligibility.

When you first file for disability benefits with a local SSA field office (which is preferable to attempting to do this online since you actually get to speak to a live person and ask questions and have them answered), they will determine if you meet the necessary non-medical criteria for applying, which usually centers around whether or not you are engaged in activities related to earned income (you can actually work and apply for disability or work and receive disability as long as your earnings are below a monthly threshold) and, in the case of SSI, whether or not you have countable resources (assets) that exceed the $2000 limit.

Unearned income may potentially factor into non-medical criteria but you would need to contact a Social Security office for more information on that. Assuming, however, that you have a claim taken, SSA, through a disability examiner (who is assigned to decide your claim) will simply evaluate your medical evidence and vocational work history to determine if you satisfy the requirements for receiving disability.

Your short-term disability status will not be an issue to the examiner, meaning that SSA is not impacted by whether another agnecy or company has deemed you eligible for any other type of disability benefits. A good example would be VA disability. Veterans who are approved for VA disability do not get any special consideration for this when they file for SSD or SSI and this is simply because Social Security has their own unique approval criteria. The only thing that might affect you is how much income you are receiving and that would be an issue for the Social Security office to resolve when you go to file.

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