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Will I receive SSI while I am waiting on a disability hearing?

I filed a claim for SSD and SSI and was denied on the initial application. I now have a lawyer that has been working on my case. I am currently waiting on a hearing to be scheduled. Will I receive SSI while I am waiting on a hearing and for my claim to be settled?

Unfortunately you will receive no benefits until you are approved for disability. The medical determination is made for SSDI and SSI simultaneously, therefore there is no payment until the issue of your disability is settled.

In your specific case, you are waiting for several things to occur:

1. For your Social Security hearing date to be set.

2. For you and your disability attorney to appear before the administrative law judge.

3. For the ALJ to consider the evidence in your disability file as well as consider whatever additional evidence was gathered by your disability attorney.

4. For the ALJ to render a decision and for you receive, after which you will either subsequently be put into pay status or consider other options should be case be denied.

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