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Denied at my disability review and am now appealing that determination

Hello, and thank you for taking questions via the internet. I am in the process of a Disability Review and recently appealed a medical determination. I have my medical coverage through Kaiser Permanente, a health care provider that is mostly in-network doctors and facilities.

If Social Security denies my appeal, I was wondering what my options are that that point. I have a lease that will be up so I was hoping to keep my benefits at least to the end of my lease. I am wondering if you would have any advice for me at this stage. Local Social Security attorneys cost money and don't really get involved post-determinations.

Thank you for time in this matter and I'll hope to gain better understanding from you.

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I know these situations are stressful.

You can appeal your decisions all the way to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and receive disability benefits the entire time as long as you request benefit continuation.

Please keep in mind, however, that if you get benefit continuation and then ultimately lose your case you would be responsible for repaying the amount you received during the time you appealed the determination made by SSA.

On the matter of attorneys, yes you are correct: it would be unlikely that you could find one to assist you on this type of case since they are normally paid as a 25 percent percentage of back pay from cases that are won.

Good luck on your case.

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