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When/if I am approved for SSDI, will my back pay be reduced because I received temporary state disability benefits?


First, let me tell you have much I have gained from your website. I stumbled upon it and it has been my go to resource for all of my SSDI questions.

I am hoping you will be able to answer two of my questions.

1. I live in CA and have been able to receive temporary disability for the last year. My state benefits ended this week. When/if I am approved for SSDI, will my back pay be reduced because I received temporary state disability benefits?

2. I have been in contact with my DDS examiner and she explained that my case is now being reviewed at the federal level to make sure that they reached the correct decision. When I asked what that decision was, my examiner hinted that "it was looking good" and that I should hear from my local SSA office unless the case gets returned back to them (DDS). Should I be optimistic that my case will be approved?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your comments. The website tries to provide useful information for those who need help with Social Security disability.

Now as to your first question, I would say that there will be some kind of offset to your back payment of benefits due to your entitlement to CA temporary disability benefits. As to whether or not you should be optimistic, I would say its hard to tell what the decision is because disability examiners are not allowed to give the decision.

As a rule, examiners are not allowed to disclose decisions on cases over the phone with claimants. The reason is that even if they have decided to approved the case, their decision could potentially be reversed by a quality control unit, either at the DDS agency, or at something called DQB, the disability quality branch.

However, it does sound like you got a good impression from speaking with the examiner so I hope all goes well. You should be hearing something soon, since the decision has been made and they're just reviewing it.

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