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Can I get approved for disability with anxiety, IBS, asthma, migraines, OCD, bad vision, bronchitis, and depression?

I'm considering applying for disability. I haven't worked since 2002 cause I've been a full time mom. My health has gotten worse since then. I've been diagnosed with chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic migraines, severe IBS, OCD (with a tic), ADD, Clinical Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Slight Manic, & Bad Vision. Do I have a chance of be approved?

You can file for disability and you may be approved, and all the conditions you mentioned can result in an awarding of benefits, but your conditions would have to have been severe enough to be disabling according to SSA requirements and guidelines prior to about 2007. I say that because a person's coverage for SSD usually extends approximately five years beyond the time they were last engaged in work activity at a substantial level.

You have not worked for several years and that makes your date last insured in the past. That means you will have to prove two things: 1) that you are disabled currently in the here and now and 2) that you were disabled prior to the time that your coverage for SSD via your work credits expired. You may only have this one claim to be approved so make sure that you appeal any disability denials.

You potentially could be eligible for SSI benefits after 2007 provided you are medically approved and are able to meet the strict income and resource limits of this need based disability program. SSI, if you are unaware, is not based on your work history but simply based on need (and the fact that you are disabled if that determination is made).

If you are married, you spouse's income will be considered and all resources other than the house you live in and the highest valued vehicle that you own will be considered toward a 3000.00 asset-resource limit for couples (or a 2000.00 for a single person).

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