Can you reapply for disability benefits?

Reapply and start from scratch, or file an appeal?

The simplest answer to this question is yes you can reapply for disability if your disability claim is denied. The SSI disability program allows you to reapply for disability benefits as many times as you wish. However, the devil is in the details with regard to Social Security Disability. Social Security Disability depends upon an insured status that ends roughly five years after your last work. If you have a Social Security Disability claim denied after the date you were last insured, you can reapply but it will be automatically denied because you are no longer insured for disability. Generally you will be made aware that it is your last opportunity to file for Social Security Disability if your claim is likely to be decided after your date last insured. It is extremely important for you to file an appeal of any denials at this point rather than file new claims, because this is your last chance to file for SSDI. It's better to file an appeal versus reapplying While the rules for SSI and SSDI differ with regard to how many times a person can reapply for benefits, one fact remains the same and that is you should file an appeal of your disability denials rather than new disability claims. If your disability claim is denied it is likely that another new disability claim will be denied as well. So your chances of being approved are increased by following the Social Security Disability process. Your best chance of being approved for disability is at an administrative law judge disability hearing, and you can only get there by appealing your disability denials.

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