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Never minimize your pain or other symptoms because this can be used against you

Tip 4:

Do not try to minimize your symptoms, your conditions, or how they affect your ability to do normal daily activities when you A) speak to a disability examiner on the phone (especially when they are questioning you about your ADLs, or activities of daily living, which we define below in one of the resource links) or B) when you are seen by a doctor who is giving you a consultative medical exam for your disability claim.

If you do either of these, it will, for all intents and purposes, be used against you. CE (consultative examination) doctors have been known to actually observe how well a person can get onto, or off of, an examining table. They even are known to watch from a window as the patient walks to their car after the exam to see if the claimant is malingering. These observations are sure to wind up in the report that this independent physician submits to the disability examiner who is working on the case.

Very few claimants are aware of how their statements and actions may be used against them. And this is particularly unfortunate for individuals who feel embarrassed about applying for disability and, therefore, when asked asked about their pain or specific limitations (e.g. Strength, range of motion) give an answer like "no, it's not too bad" or attempt to minimize their condition in some other way.

Note: A CE, or consultative exam, is often required on a disability claim. It is scheduled and paid for by Social Security but is actually performed by a private practice physician.

Terms discussed:

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  • Who is the DDS Doctor, i.e. the Social Security Doctor?
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