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How can you improve your chances of winning disability in Pennsylvania

Can you improve your chances in Pennsylvania to win after filing a claim with the social security administration? This is a relevant and practical question for applicants at all levels of the process. And, in some regards, improving one's chances of winning may depend on simply not making certain mistakes.

However, the answer to this question may depend on what level your claim is at in the federal disability evaluation system (SSD and SSI).

If your claim is pending at the basic application, or initial claim, level, you may be able to improve your chances of winning disability benefits by simply providing full and detailed information regarding your medical treatment sources and dates of treatment when you complete your disability application.


1. How do you win disability?
2. Winning disability with a lawyer
3. Winning disability with a mental condition
4. Winning disability benefits through an appeal

Also, if you feel that your doctor (or doctors) would be willing to support your claim, obtaining a detailed statement from your doctor (one that clearly indicates why you are disabled by citing your current limitations and level of restrictions) may also improve your chances of winning disability benefits.

If your claim, however, is at the disability hearing level, you can generally improve your chances of winning by 1. finding a qualified representative (an attorney or a non-attorney), and 2. obtaining your most recent medical records prior to your hearing date (your representative will do this for you) and submitting them to the administrative law judge who will hear your case.

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