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What do you do if you get denied for disability in Pennsylvania?

Adults who become disabled for SSD, i.e. become unable to earn an income that is capable of supporting themselves, may wish to consider filing for benefits based on disability with the social security administration. However, after turning in an application, these same individuals should probably prepare themselves for what is often a a long and difficult process for this one reason: most applications in Pennsylvania get denied.

If you get denied on a social security disability or ssi claim, you have essentially three choices. You can choose to give up, you can file a brand social security disability or ssi disability application, or you file an appeal.

Which choice should you utilize? Generally speaking, you should never give up. And, in fact, too many disability claimants do give up. This is very unfortunate and I would like to inform anyone who is considering filing for disability benefits that most claims are initially denied but also that the chance of winning later on appeal may rise substantially, particularly at a disability hearing (hopefully, you'll have representation).


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Regarding the second choice, you should only in a few circumstances consider starting over with a new application (for example, if you received a technical denial on an disability claim for having excess income but are now no longer working, you may wish to file a new claim).

The third choice, generally speaking, is the most productive. In most instances, your best course of action will be to file an appeal and file it timely within the deadline permitted by the social security administration---in fact, to cut processing time from your case, do not simply file your appeal timely, file it as soon as possible.

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