Republicans target the Social Security Administration

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It used to be that doing anything to affect the benefits or the delivery of benefits to social security retirees was viewed as "touching the third rail". Now, many years after former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, a democrat, was attacked in his car by a mob of angry seniors, House Republicans seem to have forgotten the potential implications of going after anything connected to retirees.

Yet, that's what they're doing by proposing a $1.7 billion reduction for the social security administration. The expected outcome of such a cut would be a furloughing of workers in social security field offices, perhaps as much as a month or more. While the furloughed time would likely not occur all at once, but, instead, would be rolled out in a staggered fashion throughout the year, the effect is easy enough to predict: delays on the processing of retirement claims, delays in mediating problems that exist in the delivery of retirement benefits, delays on assisting those who are filing for disability benefits, etc.

The commissioner of the social security administration has already signaled to SSA employees that cuts are a possibility and, thus, so are furloughs. Another estimated "fallout" from cuts that would result in furloughed time would include delays on disability hearings (a huge backlog already exists for social security disability hearings and furloughs would slow down the transmission of hearing requests from social security field offices to hearings offices);

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