Social Security Administration furloughs and Disability and Retirement Claims

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The newsletter of the American Federation of Government Employees reported that the social security administration has notified its workforce that furloughs may be necessary in light of proposed budget cuts. HR 1 would cut 1.1 billion from the SSA budget. This would represent a nine percent decrease in funding at a time when the social security administration has been dealing with record backlogs and disability claimants have found themselves waiting in the appeals system for years. The House Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member, Sander, of Michigan, stated that "There are few budget cuts more irresponsible than those that fall on the backs of our seniors and people with disabilities, yet that's exactly who this Republican proposal would end up hurting."

All I can say is not surprising. And to those who voted in the Republicans in the last election, just hope you don't have to file a disability claim or have a problem involving your retirement benefits. Because the SSA workforce is getting pared down (has for years), is overworked, and is under attack.

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