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Can you file an Internet Appeal for a Social Security Disability or SSI claim denial?

Continued from: How to file a disability appeal in New Jersey

4. The fourth way to file an appeal of a social security disability denial or SSI denial is to file it online. To do this, you simply visit the social security administration website ( and choose the "disability" tab at the top of the page. From there, you will be directed to the appropriate pages that will instruct you on how to complete an internet appeal.

To do the internet based appeal, you wil complete A) an appeal request and B) a disability report form, that is similar to the disability report form that was completed for the application for disability, known as "Appeal, Disability Report".

As the SSA website states, it can take a little over an hour to compete both forms online. In actuality, only the appeal request form is actually needed to get the appeal initiated; however, failing to submit the disability report form will simply mean that you will have to be contacted by someone at social security so that the "missing gaps" can be filled in (by you providing the information that would have been obtained via the disability report form).

Is the online internet appeal option the best way to file an appeal if you have been denied for SSD or SSI? The social security administration would have you believe this, certainly because it reduces their contact time and takes stress off their manpower resources.

However, disability claimants often have questions during the disability application or appeal process and these cannot be answered if you are not dealing with an actual person when you are submitting an initial claim or an appeal.

And it is for this very reason that, if you have a disability lawyer, your disability lawyer will often contact you when they are doing your appeal to ensure that all the proper information is being provided so that the chances of the appeal's success can be maximized.

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