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Social Security Disability or SSI Claim Status in Florida

How to prove you are disabled
and win disability benefits

Where do you call to get the status of your social security disability or SSI claim? Most claimants who are filing for disability in Florida will call the social security office where they filed their claim never realizing that

A) This is not where the case is actually worked on and

B) That the social security office will never really know what is happening with regard to the processing of a disability case.

So where should you call to get the status of your claim?

If your case is at the disability application level, or the request for reconsideration appeal level, then it is being handled at Florida DDS, or disability determination services. To get the status of the case, you would need to contact DDS and ask to speak to the disability examiner who has been assigned to your case. How do you do this?

A) Call the social security office where you initially applied to get the phone number for DDS.

B) Call DDS and ask to speak to your examiner. Typically, you can be connected to your examiner after you supply your social security number so your case can be looked up in the system.

If your case is at the hearing office (meaning that you have requested a hearing and are now waiting for one to be scheduled), then simply contact the hearing office. Contacting the hearing can be useful to verify that the social security office actually transferred your case to the hearing office.

It can also be useful to learn whether or not your case has been assigned to a judge yet. However, typically, you will learn little more than this by contacting the hearing office for a status update.

Regardless of where your claim currently is, however, if you have disability representation, your disability lawyer can obtain the status of your claim for you.

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