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How will you be notified of your disability approval? Social Security will notify you (and your representative if you have one) by mail if your disability claim is an approval or denial. If your Social Security disability claim is allowed at the initial or reconsideration level you will receive a letter once your claim is decided.

However, you should always keep in mind that there might be non-medical requirements and considerations that will have to be addressed at your local Social Security office, especially if your claim involves Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

If your Social Security disability claim has been taken to the hearings review level it may take more time for you to receive your formal disability approval letter, because your decision must be written up in the hearing office and forwarded to a payment center for processing. Unfortunately, it may take thirty days or longer for the decision to be written up and forwarded to the payment center for processing.

Additionally, it may take some time to be processed at the Social Security payment center as well. There is no way to give an exact time frame for the processing of your disability claim approval, although most Social Security disability claims are processed in a reasonable amount of time.

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