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Can you get a Social Security Disability decision in under a month?

There is a small possibility of getting a Social Security disability decision in under a month with any disability claim, however it is extremely rare if the disability claim does not involve A) terminal medical conditions, B) Quick Disability Determination (QDD) process conditions, or C) Compassionate Allowance conditions.

Social Security disability applicants with terminal illnesses are often able to receive their disability decisions in less than a month. Disability cases that involve terminal conditions are flagged to expedite case processing. Social Security makes every effort to process disability cases that involve terminal conditions expeditiously so that disability beneficiaries can receive disability benefits as soon as possible.

In addition to expedited terminal disability case processing, Social Security has a two-track fast track disability process for disability applicants with severe medical conditions that will most likely lead to an approval for disability benefits.

The first track of the process is the Quick Disability Determination (QDD) process. QDD is a computer model used to analyze specific medical data contained in an electronic disability file. Its purpose is to identify disability claims that show there is a high potential that the disability applicant is disabled and that Social Security can easily get medical evidence to support the their disability allegations.

The second track of the process is the Compassionate Allowance process. Currently, Social Security has one hundred and thirteen conditions that qualify as compassionate allowances. Social Security continues to increase the number of compassionate allowance conditions, so there may be more conditions added to the list in the future.

If a disability applicant has a compassionate allowance condition or they have a medical condition that lends itself to the QDD process, they will most often receive a disability decision in less than thirty days.

If the disability claim does not involve a condition that is terminal nor any kind of condition that would allow it to be processed through the QDD or Compassionate allowances disability process, it may still be processed quickly. If a disability applicant provides all the necessary medical evidence or if Social Security is able to get their records in a short amount of time, they may potentially receive a decision within thirty days.

However, it is important to remember that not all disability decisions are an approval even if the decision is received in less than thirty days.

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