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When do you see a judge for a social security disability or SSI claim?

The ALJ disability hearing (a hearing conducted by an administrative law judge) typically presents the best opportunity for a claimant to win a case for SSI or SSD disability benefits. There are multiple reasons for this, of course.

1. Administrative law judges are independent of the hierarchical managemenent structure of the social security administration and of disability determination services, the agency where disability examiners work on claims at the disability application and reconsideration appeal levels.

2. ALJs do not have to worry about making "too many approvals on cases" because their decisions are not monitored by external quality control (by contrast, the decisions of disability examiners are subject to automatic, random reviews by something known as DQB, the disability quality branch, the impact of which is to actively discourage examiners from making approvals on claims).

3. Disability judges actually give consideration and weight to the opinions of treating physicians. The social security administration considers a treating physician to be a doctor that has an established history of treatment with a patient and, therefore, can offer a credible opinion as to the individual's prognosis and limitations.

Officially, social security is supposed to give credence to a treating physician's statement if it has been obtained to support a Social security disability or SSI claim, but, historically, disability examiners have tended to disregard such statements.

At disability hearings, however, this is not the case and ALJs give treating physician statements, or medical source statements, enough consideration that cases can be won based on them.

4. At a disability hearing, a claimant, and their social security attorney can present a rationale for the approval of a claim, complete with supporting evidence and possibly some discussion as to why the case should have been approved at earlier steps versus being denied.

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