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You can qualify for disability based on epilepsy in two separate ways

Does having Epilepsy qualify you for disability?

It can qualify you. Here's an excerpt from the SSA page on epilepsy-seizure disorder: "There must be a satisfactory description by the treating physician of the treatment regimen and response, in addition to corroboration of the nature and frequency of seizures, to permit an informed judgment on impairment severity."

It can be difficult to be awarded for this condition because the individual has to have a prescribed number of epileptic occurrences occurring within a certain timeframe despite being fully compliant with medication for seizures. This means they must be documented.

According to the SSA listing book, i.e the social security "blue book", or simply the Social Security listings, if the epilepsy is convulsive in nature then individuals applying for Social Security disability must have been having seizures more than once a month in spite of three months of prescribed treatment.

This, of course, implies that a person cannot be awarded disability benefits on the basis of the seizure disorder-epilepsy listing unless:

a) They are being seen by a doctor;

b) They are receiving treatment;

c) The treatment is not stopping the seizures;

d) The seizures are occurring with regular frequency.

However, even if a person cannot meet the listing, they can still be awarded on the basis of a medical vocational allowance if their condition is found to pose more limitations than their past work will allow, and prevent them from being able to transition to other forms of work.

I addressed this question a while back for someone else.

Here's the page: Why Is It Hard to be Found Disabled for Social Security Disability or SSI for Seizures?

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