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A question about getting disability benefits restarted after having them stopped due to too much earned income

I was recieving SSDI but started making to much money, so my case worker at the time told me I was covered under either section 18 or 19 depending on my income. So my question is: I'm getting ready to move and will be unemployeed. How do I reopen my case?

Thank you

I am not sure with this information what the status of your disability benefits is. If you have not gone through the 36 month extended period of eligibility, you can call Social Security and start your benefits again any time that your income is below the SGA monthly earnings limit.

If you have stopped working because of your medical condition or conditions, generally, you can get them going again without much hassle.

However, if your disability benefits have been terminated due to work activity, that is another situation. You could apply for an expedited reinstatement of disability benefits if you have stopped work because of the same medical conditions that allowed you to be approved for disability.

You can do this anytime within five years of the month your disability benefits were terminated. Social Security will allow you six months of provisional payments while they determine if they think you are still disabled under Social Security guidelines.

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